Temperature-Controlled Storage Units

Protecting your items from the Georgia heat and humidity

Why Choose Temperature Control?

See why so many renters upgrade to a climate-controlled self storage unit.

In Georgia, you can never quite be sure what the weather is going to be - only that it’s going to change! At Fortress Self Storage, all of our locations have temperature-controlled storage units to keep your items from being damaged by changes in temperature.

Stored items expand with the heat and contract with the cold. If this happens enough - if you’re storing for more than a few months - it can do permanent damage to your stored items. A temperature-controlled storage unit prevents this damage by maintaining a constant temperature range.

These units also cycle the air, which helps keep humidity down! If you’re not sure what type of storage unit you need, give us a call. Our team of storage experts will be happy to help you choose the perfect unit.

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Three Locations in West Georgia

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What Needs Temperature Control?

Upgrade to a temperature-controlled storage unit if you’re storing:

  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Heirlooms
  • Antiques
  • Musical instruments
  • Records
  • Documentation
  • And more!

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